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Awaken the Dawn

Stanton Lanier

My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul. Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn.

— Psalm 108:1-2 (NIV)

01.  Prompt

Moments of struggle can be a catalyst to grow our hunger to know God and hear his voice. Often, these are times when we feel in need of hope and reassurance of who God is.

The psalmist regularly uses worship as a tool to engage his heart with the Lord. Worship is a way that we can lift our eyes to God and prepare our hearts to hear his voice. Worship is also a tool to awaken our soul to the Holy Spirit who is present with us.

This song of worship actually came out of a season of difficulty — a season when I needed a deeper hope in Jesus. The musical themes took several months to develop and find their place. As I created and ordered each section, my heart’s longing was to express the deep essence of hope referenced in this psalm.

I have since experienced seasons of loss, and each time I find myself going back to the person of Jesus, who is the dawn of God’s presence with us. Whether your difficulty is in delayed dreams, relationships, emotions, your spiritual journey, health, circumstances, or any number of life events, hidden in the piano notes is a message from my heart to yours. I have found Jesus to be faithful when I put my faith in Him to provide the peace, rest, hope, and healing I need each day.

02.  Listening & Reflection

If you’re in need of hope today, take a few moments to let this melody carry you into a place of worship. As you listen, remember that Jesus is the author and perfecter of your faith. Remember that he is an ever-present help in trouble. And remember that his Word is active and alive.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into worship and calm your mind and heart to hear his truth today.


Stanton Lanier is a pianist, composer, orchestrator, and believer with a vision to Create God Encounters for All Generations through Scripture-inspired instrumental music. He has released 170+ tracks with 14 albums and singles, which are enjoyed by millions of listeners around the world as “life soundtracks” for moments of God’s peace and inspiration. Stanton is always working on new music, and earned his Professional Certificate in Composing and Orchestrating for Film and TV from the Berklee School of Music. In 2004 he founded the non-profit Music to Light the World, which uses his music to offer hope and healing to cancer patients, orphans in Zambia, and others in need. Stanton has performed in 27 U.S. states, Canada, Europe, and Australia, and his music touches five million lives annually across 140 countries through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube, Music Choice Soundscapes, Sirius-XM Spa and more. To learn more visit

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