Conversatio Divina

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Vision, Intention and Means in Spiritual Direction

Lacy Finn Borgo

This talk is from the session, Dallas Willard's Impact on Counseling, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction, the third breakout session of the 2018 Experiencing Life with God Conference, an academic conference hosted by the Martin Institute of Westmont College and Renovaré. Here is Lacy Finn Borgo's description: "While psychotherapy and counseling are concerned with normal making, spiritual direction is concerned with abnormal making.” (Moon) The idea of abundant life appears abnormal in our world where anxiety, anger and angst are the norm. Dallas Willard’s insight around Vision Intention and Means offers substance, form and the possibility of human transformation to the ministry of spiritual direction. (Moon & Benner, Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls, 11.)