Conversatio Divina

The Impact of Dallas Willard on Counseling and Psychotherapy

Siang-Yang Tan

This talk is from the session, Dallas Willard's Impact on Counseling, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction, the third breakout session of the 2018 Experiencing Life with God Conference, an academic conference hosted by the Martin Institute of Westmont College and Renovaré. Here is Siang-Yang Tan's description: Dallas Willard’s impact on counseling and psychotherapy is less well- known but significant, especially in the use of prayer, Scripture, spiritual teaching, and other spiritual disciplines in therapy (Willard, 1996; see also Tan, 1998, 2007, 2013). Religious and spiritual therapies have received much attention and empirical support for their effectiveness in recent years (Worthington, et al., 2011; Captari, et al., in press). Willard’s impact can be clearly seen in the development of such therapies, including Christian approaches that are Christ-centered, biblically- based, and Spirit- filled (see Tan, 2011).