Conversatio Divina

Union with Christ: Where’d it go and Why do we need to recover it?

Rankin Wilbourne

This talk is from the session, Transforming Union with Christ, the fifth general session of the 2018 Experiencing Life with God Conference, an academic conference hosted by the Martin Institute of Westmont College and Renovaré. Here is Rankin Wilbourne's description: Nothing is more central to why the gospel is “good news” than our union with Christ. Union with Christ is the heart of the Christian faith, the whole sum and substance of the gospel. And yet, if you ask most people today, “What is the gospel?” union with Christ is probably not what springs to mind. It remains a vague and shadowy doctrine, neither central nor basic. This loss has real and far-reaching consequences for our common life with God. Whatever happened to union with Christ? How does recovering it serve our faith?