Conversatio Divina

Part 9 of 15

Merciful Hearts and Passionate Souls

Paul Vitz

This talk is from the session, Transforming Union with Christ, the fifth general session of the 2018 Experiencing Life with God Conference, an academic conference hosted by the Martin Institute of Westmont College and Renovaré. Here is Rico Vitz's description: According to the classical Christian tradition, transforming union with Christ is neither a merely legal affair nor a simple union of wills. Rather, it encompasses every aspect of one’s soul, including one’s affections. This session will focus on two key aspects of this classical Christian view. The first is a critical effect of transforming union—namely, a heart that is (in the words of St. Isaac of Syria) gripped by “strong and vehement mercy.” The second is a prevalent set of impediments to such union—namely, the ‘passions’.