Discipling the Senses: Music and the Arts as Allies in Worship and Formation

Carolyn Arends Part 8 of 19

This talk is from the session, Worship, Music, The Arts and Formation, the second breakout session of the 2018 Experiencing Life with God Conference, an academic conference hosted by the Martin Institute of Westmont College and Renovaré.

Here is Carolyn Arends’s description:

The arts can be important resources for “training rather than trying” in our spiritual formation. We’ll look at six ways that receptivity to art in various forms can help us proactively cooperate with God and his desire to transform us: 1) The arts help us train to pay attention. 2) The arts help us train in longing. 3) The arts help us train for the renewing of our minds. 4) The arts help us train to love things and beings for more than their “usefulness.” 5) The arts help us train for incarnational living. 6) The arts help us train for direct experience.

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