Conversatio Divina

Sixteen Ways to Engage in 2023

  1. Simmer in Dallas Willard ideas. We’ve got a very large collection of Dallas articles, audio, and video and we’re on the lookout for more.
  2. Consider Ideas for Developing a Rule of Life.
  3. Exercise with Ignatius of Loyola.
  4. Journey into Desert Spirituality with abbas and ammas of the ancient Christian Spirituality Hall of Fame. 
  5. Stay tuned for periodic updates from our past Dallas Willard Research Center’s book and research awards program through our weekly newsletter.
  6. Check-in on the ongoing contributions of our Senior Fellows such as James K.A. Smith, Rebecca DeYoung, Ken Boa, and more.
  7. Learn from a seasoned spiritual director.
  8. Explore ideas for living in more awareness of Divine Presence
  9. Meditate on a variety of spiritual formation themes.
  10. Learn to tell time in church.
  11. Listen to the voices of young scholars, specifically on the topic of the pandemic.
  12. Check out our library of over 500 (and growing) articles from our Conversations Journal archives.
  13. Explore resources for your spiritual formation small group.
  14. Stay tuned for ideas concerning “on-campus” spiritual formation ideas and resources.
  15. Follow along as we develop Clinical Theology resources. You may recall that Dallas Willard once said, “all theology should be clinical theology.” Coming early 2023!
  16. Stay tuned for more Spiritual Formation Resources for Pastors. We will feature a retreat resource for pastors in the first week of 2023.