Conversatio Divina

Trevor Hudson June 29, 2021

Seeking Another Kind of Life with St. Ignatius and Dallas Willard

Welcome to Another Kind of Life.

Your journey in this class will take you through six teaching sessions by Trevor Hudson and a study guide created by Trevor Hudson and Gary Moon for each of these video experiences.

This series is based on the book by Trevor Hudson, Seeking God: Finding Another Kind of Life with Ignatius of Loyola and Dallas Willard. (To be published by NavPress in 2022) Each is a guide the author knows well.

The learning experiences offered here are designed to help pilgrims grow closer to God as they rediscover Jesus’ greatest offer—an invitation to live another kind of life. The sessions will show what it means to become a seeker of a life marked by an intimate and transforming friendship with the Trinity.

In the video series Trevor describes three interwoven threads that characterize the tapestry of this new life that Jesus has made available. And he demonstrates that Ignatius and Dallas Willard have a lot of wisdom to offer concerning each of these spiritual formation themes. The book significantly develops and enlarges on the video content.

1. Deepening intimacy with God

2. Growing sense of belonging within God’s family

3. Gradual transformation into compassionate image bearers.

The video series is accompanied by a group Participant’s Study Guide put together by Gary Moon designed to help readers engage the content of the video series more meaningfully. It is our prayer that both the video series and the study book will facilitate a journey of seeking, and finding, this “other kind of life.”

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