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Remembering Dallas—Trailer

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Dallas Willard’s passing, or has been better said, “His faith becoming his sight.”

At that time the Martin Institute conducted video-interviews with a few individuals who were very close to him. Among them were the love of his life, Jane Willard, and a few others who know him well, John Ortberg, J.P. Moreland, Trevor Hudson, and Gary Moon.

Coming September 2023, we will compile an edited version of these interviews and make them available to you at For the moment, we offer you a preview of the footage focusing on the theme of “hurry.”

The genesis of this project can be traced back to a pub in London where Avo Adourian (an alumnus of the Renovaré Institute London Cohort and Cultura fellow of the Martin Institute Cultura Fellowship at Westmont College) and Gary Moon discussed the interviews Gary was conducting as part of preparing to write the biography, Becoming Dallas Willard. Avo, profoundly influenced by Willard himself, wanted to document and archive in video from a few leaders, thinkers, and friends who had also been influenced by Willard as a documentary project. It seems appropriate that the biography was published at the five-year anniversary of Dallas’s earth-passing, and the documentary project will be released during the 10-year anniversary.

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