What kinds of religions have monasteries?

A monastery is a place where people live together with similar spiritual goals. It’s usually more secluded than just a group of people living together, but it’s more like they are bound by spiritual bonds and usually a covenant. Then they usually take vowels to a certain degree. This binds them to the monastic life and usually to the confines of the monastery (if they are cloistered). We’ve written about different kinds of monasteries for both Catholic priests and nuns as well as lay people but this article will delve deeper into what kinds of monasteries there are for certain religions.

Buddhist monasteries

Buddhist monestary in Sikkim

Buddhist are some of the most peaceful people in the world. They are very holy people and very conscious about the environment around them. I personally have a lot of respect for Buddhist monks because they sometimes spend up to 10 hours per day in prayer.

Hindu Monasteries

Practices of the Hindu religion also have monastic communities, mostly in India and parts of the Middle east.  They are poly theistic meaning they believe in multiple gods which makes them heretics and apostasies in the eyes of Christians, but nonetheless, people living together  with a common goal of the common good can’t be that bad, can they?

Mormon Monetarists

Yes, there are actually Mormon monasteries. One in particular, Joe, who was once a Mormon Missionary but now works for a door to door Fresno Solar company, told me all about his experience when he was discerning the full time missionary life after his 2 year commitment. He said in order to be a full time minister, you have to take all kinds of classes and training’s and basically get a PhD in theology before you can live in a monastery. Plus they are very strict for who they select.

Protestant Monasteries

Protestant monasteries are a little different from their Catholic counterparts. They don’t have people living celibate lives, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that most of them have families and don’t really have time to completely dedicate their lives to the community. Again, it’s just different, not necessarily a bad thing. (more…)

Is it possible for Lay (regular people) to live the monastic life?

Time and Time again, when things go crazy with society, every good man wants to head to the hills and go back to the land. Back to a time where life was simpler and it was easier to be good and to do good. You don’t have to read the news for even a day to realize that the world is an absolutely insane place these days. Totally and wholly insane. Mass murders and genocides and so much hate and violence everywhere. And this comes from the lack of love in people’s hearts, because people with true love don’t act this way. People with true love have true peace, and they don’t feel the need to be violent for no reason. Those that are seriously disturbed and distraught, usually from childhood, are the ones that feel they need to act out and be violent.

How can we prevent all this violence from happening?

Taking from what happened after the fall of the Roman empire, we had the dark ages. And I do believe now, we are in the new dark ages. And what happened in those dark ages?

A ton of bad stuff.

But there was one man who offered a different way. His name was Saint Benedict, and he created the Benedictine order. You know what their motto was?


Translated, that means “work and pray”.

And that’s basically all those monks did. But it offered a sense of great peace among the chaos of the world around them. And you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to live monastically, even if you’re a lay person.

Well yes it is quite possible.

The Maddona house in Canada offers a monastic type setting. They’re mostly unmarried folks, but families can participate in some settings especially retreats. They live in community and work and pray together.

Another example of layity and especially families working and living together is John Michael Talbot’s movement, in Arkansas. I knew of a few people that were going to join, but decided not too because they had to put their family first.

One last example is a few folks in Kansas who are/ were trying to create a monastic type community for lay families. They are located outside of Topeka, and their website is www.newcatholiclandmovement.com. They do a great job of blogging over there and offer a unique perspective as to what it’s really like to live on a farm (and it aint all gravey and peaches and cream all the time!). A lot of respect to them! (more…)

How monastic life helps you understand the Mercy of God

Living in a monestary, you will pray alot. And if you pray alot, you should come to realize the truth about God’s love.

Ifwe just understood God’s mercy a littmoe more, we would have a different world.

Jesus’s words to us, who I believe was the greatest teacher of all time from a human standpoint and, also was a divine, and IS a Divine person and being as well said that we should be merciful as our heavenly father is merciful. What the apostles asked him how many times they should forgive, he said 7×70 times which in essence meant unlimited amounts.

And that’s pretty far out there because if we understand that the only thing that keeps us away from eternal life, happiness forever, is our inability to accept God’s love and mercy and healing, we would become completely transformed as a human race. Everybody wants to talk about enlightenment as the path of peace and understanding and all that stuff. All that new age bullsmack.

But the first way to a more peaceful world of the more spiritual world is understanding who we are and understanding who God is.

And if we understand that God is perfect that we are sinful fallen creatures, in total dependency of God’s love and mercy, then we share that love with other people we would truly be transformed as a human kind. If we took Jesus’s word seriously our world would be transformed.

One of the last people to do that was St. Francis of Assisi. He took the gospel message very’s seriously to an extreme level. An extreme level rebuild the church in a time of very desperate need of God’s mercy.

So my question for all the readers out there are you answering the call of God?

What is God calling you to do? (more…)

Different Types of Monasteries

A lot of people don’t realize that not all months and religious life and monastic communities are the same. A lot of people think that just because you live a monastic life or you’re a monk or fryer or something of that nature that you are a singular entity. And while the generalization of the monastic life which basically just means that you live in a monastery, maybe true, there are all kinds of different orders of monastic life and a religious orders that I wanted to chat a little bit of white on in this article. What is a religious order? Thinking of religious orders as different sex of parts of a group of a religion. In the Catholic faith, there is borders of Franciscans for example what you may have heard of. That means they follow the rule of St. Francis. And they are different subdivision. Of each order such as third order regular (TOR), OFM which stands for the Order of Friars Minor, and other different subdivisions.

But I wanted to shed light on some of the more popular orders of the monastic life.


Very common order of religious and monastic people are Benedictine. These men and women follow the order of Saint Benedict and he was actually the originator of the monastic life. He came out of the dark ages and basically totally withdrew from the cities which could become cesspools of rock, Kate, and Phil. And even more so there was a huge moral decay that was present in the ancient European cities. So he decided to totally scrap the cities and go out to the countryside and his motto was work and praying. There are tons of Benedictine colleges universities, and schools as well as a bunch of Friars but still take this lifestyle very seriously.


These men and women order them their lives after the life of St. Francis. St. Francis was a very unique person. He lived around 1200 As and he was one of the holiest man ever to live. St. Francis was the son of a wealthy merchant in Italy, but he decided to give up all of his possessions and follow Jesus with all his heart and all that so you know his mind and strength. And he basically just wear rags and one around preaching the gospel and of the gospel literally which now after almost 100 years after his death, there are over 1 million Franciscans in the world and that’s just including the religious people not the lady who may be Franciscan secular order. As I mentioned before, there are different subdivisions of the orders of St. Francis. There’s third order regular, there’s something like second order, there is no half and,  there are a bunch of different ones I’m not even aware of.


Another very common religious order and group of men and women and I would be friars, brothers, and nuns who obviously live separately from each other for obvious reasons, are the Dominicans. They order their lives and their rule order after Saint Dominic. I actually don’t know that much about Saint Dominic but I do have a friend that is a manikin brother. He’s not get a priest but they’re basically very much into education and studying.


The Jesuit order and monastic monks live after the Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Again, I don’t actually know that much about Saint Ignatius of Loyola but I know that he was a very holy man and a very practical man. A lot of Jesuits get a bad rap now because, like for example a priest who is trained in seminary recently told a friend of mine that contraception was OK if both parties agreed upon it. How absolutely insane is that? A priest telling lady that. And we wonder why we have the problems that we have.

So that’s my knowledge of different religious orders of monastic life and everything I know about the subject and hopefully you found it helpful to everyone that is wondering about the monastic life.

Monastic Life 101

I think a lot of people have a misconception about what monastic life is all about. Here in this blog I want to try to inform you guys about how life really works, how my life can bring you a lot of joy in what you can learn from my life. Really excited to be starting and to share with you how monastic life can uplift your soul has music that we listen to and the way that we prayed and the way we live is like a rule of order that helps you become fully, not necessarily a way to restrict you. Should you live ordered? Should you listen to ordered music? Order is something God creates. Its no secret that what He creates is beautfil. And it’s no surprise that the highest ordered music is the Gregorian chant!

How beautiful!

So in the coming blog post will be writing about different things like prayer life of monks, dietary habits of the monks, The work habits, the rest habits, and the overall lifestyle of the monks that I’ve observied.

I’ll also write on well as how they fund their operations and how we may be able to inspire you for the spiritual realm and spiritual activities. So it is definitely something about the monastic life that is very calming and feeling… Most definitely the monastic life will help you hear gods call… No whether or not you take final vowels is totally up to you and up to what God is calling me to do… And mostly single people are called to the monastic life, however I do know of one group or one example of living life and that is John Michael Talbot’s group down in Tennessee I believe?

Or you know what, I think it is actually Arkansas. So regardless of whether not you’re single or married, you could definitely learn a lot from the monastic life. The best of life helps you getting unplugged from technology, and helps you connect with the one true God who son died for your sins. There’s no doubt about it that people have been living the monastic life for a long time, but it wasn’t until Saint Benedict and third century out of the dark ages started in a new order, or new way to live with his dad of the monastery. He was a great Saint and we all should emulate as the pig in a documentary below, he was a very holy and innovative man.

So like I said before regardless of whether not you were single or married, you were actually in a monastery or not, you can live the values of monastic life and it will help guide you in form you should you order your life into a better more holistic one. In life where you will have peace regardless of the circumstances outside, if you order your life properly. So I’m definitely excited to be Sharing this information with you and everything that I’ve learned, and I look forward to hearing from you and to serving you, my readers, and the community as a whole.