Conversatio Divina

Part 4 of 6

Dallas Willard’s Spirituality in Context

A Conversation with Brandon Paradise

Brandon Paradise & Michael Di Fuccia

Formation is as much about the kind of person we become as it is about the kind of world that becomes from our person.

We often imagine formation in Christ as a private devotional matter that we share with other Christians. It is important that we press further and reflect upon the broader context of our spiritual lives.

Considering the huge impact and influence Dallas Willard has had on Christians, it’s easy to forget that he also lived out his spiritual life in the classroom context, as a professor of philosophy at USC.

In the latest installment of our “Spiritual Formation in Context” series Michael Di Fuccia, Director of the Martin Institute’s Cultura Fellowship, talks with Cultura Fellow Brandon Paradise about what it was like for Brandon as student in Willard’s classroom and how Willard’s life in Christ shaped that unique space.


Michael Di Fuccia is the Director of the Cultura Fellowship and Research Fellow for the Center of Theology and Philosophy, UK.