Conversatio Divina

Part 13 of 15

Streams of Living Water: Wisdom and Energy for the Soul

Conversations Journal

The final section of Conversations is devoted to a celebration of the unity and diversity of the spirituality of various streams of Christianity (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and the broad spectrum of Protestant denominations). The diversity, as we shall see, contains more hues than any artist’s pallet.

You will see that here. But we will also maintain a focus on the central beauty of willingness and surrender, the necessary base coat for any portrait of authentic transformation.

Richard Foster’s book Streams of Living Water: Celebrating the Great Traditions of the Christian Faith inspired the title for this section. And his identification of six primary tributaries—contemplative, holiness, charismatic, social justice, evangelical, and incarnational—will be used to make sure that we give voice to all of the prominent voices of Christian spirituality.

In each issue we will present and interact with classical contributions to our understanding of Christian living—highlighting one or more of the primary tributaries—and a devotional serial. That’s right, something old and something new, something borrowed, but not necessarily blue.

In this issue, Father Gregory Rogers, an Orthodox priest, discusses authentic transformation from the perspective of the early church fathers. A brief essay follows and completes this first issue of the journal.