The Spirit of Galileo

Ontology of Knowledge: Lyotard 2

Ontology of Knowledge: Lyotard 1

Ontology of Knowledge: Putnam 3

Ontology of Knowledge: Putnam 2

Ontology of Knowledge: Putnam 1

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 4

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 3

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 2

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 1

Ontology of Knowledge: Willard 4

Ontology of Knowledge: Willard 3

Ontology of Knowledge: Willard 2

Ontology of Knowledge: Willard 1

Truth in the Fire

What Spiritual Knowledge Can Do for You

Why You Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge

Pastors as Teachers of the Nations

Christian Discipleship and the Mission to the World: Churches and World Leadership

Comments on Papers by Nelson, Slife, Reber, and Richardson

Being a Christian in a Pluralistic Society

Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus

Christian Discipleship and the Mission to the World: Churches and World Leadership

What is Skepticism Good For?

How Eternal Livers Bring Knowledge of Eternal Living to Those Without It

Spiritual Formation as a Way of Knowledge

Q & A 2

Jesus as One who Brings Knowledge

Q & A 1

Our Status of our Relationship to the Kingdom of God: Knowledge or Faith?

Religious Knowledge

Christ Gives Knowledge of Reality Not Just Faith

The Disciple in the World of Knowledge

Christian Teaching Banished from Knowledge

Learning of the Ancients

The Value of Truth, and What Happens When U Don’t Have It

Theology and Worldview in the Research Project

Faith Without Knowledge – Part 2

Faith Without Knowledge: Why Christians Court Disaster when Belief is not Intelligent

Pastors and Teachers of the Nations

Bible As Indispensable Source of Truth

What Truth Is and Why It Is So Important

Overview of Bringing Truth to Life

Pastors as Teachers of the Nations

Graduating “Good” People

Character & Curriculum

Interview on Knowing Christ Today

What Do We Do Now?

What Went Wrong in the Universities?

Temptation, the Cross, the Trinity, Knowledge and the University