Conversatio Divina

Wealth and Poverty

Conversatio Divina exists to promote, create and listen in on conversations about authentic spiritual transformation. Our primary focus is on learning from the exemplars Dallas Willard, Ignatius of Loyola, and the ammas and abbas of the early Church.

In this week’s newsletter, we will bring to your attention a teaching series by Dallas Willard and an essay by Helen Rhee, Professor of Religious Studies at Westmont College.

Dallas Willard’s talk, Simplicity, Frugality and Poverty, is the 5th lecture from an 11-part series titled, The Disciple, the Disciplines and the Triumphant Life.

Helen Rhee, reflects on the topic, Lessons from the Early Church Regarding Wealth and Poverty for Contemporary Christians. At the end of this article she provides three practical suggestions for the discipline of simplicity and loving the poor and offers suggestions for further reading.