Conversatio Divina

Two “New” Talks by Dallas Willard

Conversatio Divina recently received two unique talks that Dallas had delivered on a Sunday (morning and evening service) at the Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni, South Africa. The first lays out what a day spent with Jesus looks like. The second is an account of why Dallas was a Christian. To the best of our knowledge, Dallas had not publicly shared elsewhere, with such a personal touch, the reasons behind his decision to follow Christ. More from Trevor Hudson, who was present at both of the talks, below

One of the great gifts Dallas gave us here in South Africa was his willingness to share in the worship of our local congregation. One Sunday I asked whether he would be willing to teach on two themes—learning to live with Jesus within our daily lives in our morning service and then in our evening service to share with us why he was a Christ-follower. There is something remarkably generous, inclusive, and inviting in the way in which he shared his reasons for following Jesus with a diverse audience that included school students, everyday women and men from all walks of life, and teachers from the nearby university.

–Trevor Hudson