Conversatio Divina

Today’s Political Climate: Is it Time for Christ-Followers to Bravely Step into the Messy, Mystical, Middle?

What does it mean for Christ-followers to move away from the angry fringes and “into the messy, mystical, middle?” Is it finding a moderate position within a polarized political landscape? Is it viewing diverging extremes of any hot topic with suspicion? Or is it holding together truth and Christ’s love for people within a divisive world?

In this third installment to Conversations in the Dark: Looking for a Ligthed Pathway,a series born from conversations about politics, the pandemic, racial turmoil, riots, and our feelings and reactions toward them— Gary Moon wrestles with these questions and offers both insights and suggested practices for moving into the “middle” where Christ resides.

This article in particular also invited the voices of John Ortberg and Brandon Paradise.