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The Practice of Discernment and Hearing God: April 2020

The Practice of Discernment

Studies indicate that many of us would rather fill this time of social distancing with something mundane or unfulfilling than with 6 to 15 minutes alone with nothing to do but think.

However, an invitation to pay attention to the stirrings of our heart and to God is held before us—a journey toward discernment and deeper into the heart of Christ.

This is the 6th and most recent article in this 12 part series.

Practice Discernment

Suggestions for Hearing God

In Hearing God, it becomes clear that Dallas Willard is recommending stepping into a way of living in the manifest presence of God as the best pathway to experience divine guidance in daily life.

With this in mind, we offer the following three exercises.

  1. Ways to Stay Close to God and Develop our Hearing
  2. Discerning God’s Voice—Seven Questions to ask Yourself
  3. Hearing God: Discerning the Two Competing Voices

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