Conversatio Divina

Telling Time in Church

Conversatio Divina was created to call attention to the teaching and practices through the centuries which offer pathways of authentic change and transformation. We feature the voices of ancient Christian Spirituality, Ignatian Spirituality and the modern contributions of Dallas Willard.

This week we want to call your attention to the feature we are developing called “Telling Time in Church.” This class provides a yearlong journey through the church’s liturgical calendar. While nearly every day has gained some significance in the church’s long existence, each session’s focus is on a major feast, fast, or emphasis from the early centuries, when the Church remained one. You will also read about the history of the celebration, it’s meaning, suggestions for practicing, and a key saint associated with the event.

In December the focus was on “Watching for the Light: Advent,” January’s article is titled, “Seeing Clearly: Epiphany,” and this month we turn our attention to “Candlemas: The Presentation of Our Lord.”

We hope that you will enjoy the transformative celebrations of the annual calendar of the Church.

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