Conversatio Divina

Studies in the Book of Apostolic Acts: Journey in the Spiritual Unknown

A study of the book of Acts for a Sunday School class at Woodlake Avenue Friends Church, the church where Dallas Willard and Richard Foster met. This is not the only time Dallas taught on Acts, but it is the first we know of and the longest. This 9-part audio series comes complete with transcripts and class notes.

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Engaging in Divine Doubt

There are times in the Christian life that we find ourselves “astray in a dark wood” wondering where we are, how we got here, and how we will get through it. Whether these moments come upon us gradually or suddenly, they are accompanied by a sense of disorientation, doubt, confusion, pain, struggle, and isolation.

We offer you a series of articles, Bittersweet, curated by Michael Di Fuccia, from souls who have walked this bitter path and have come through more alive than when they began.

In the latest addition to the series, Engaging in Divine Doubt, Aaron Ross tackles the topic of confronting doubt within our faith journey.

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