Conversatio Divina

Streams of Living Water

Last month we presented the small group curriculum which was developed by LifeSprings Resources for Willard’s Renovation of the Heart.

This month we will turn our attention to Richard J. Foster’s Streams of Living Water. Foster begins Streams with the assertion that Jesus is the source of each of the great traditions of Christian spirituality—Contemplative (the prayer-filled life), Holiness (the virtuous life), Charismatic (the Spirit-empowered life), Social Justice (the compassionate life), Evangelical (the Word-centered life) and Incarnational (the sacramental life).

Once Foster persuades us that each tradition has its source in the life of Jesus, he devotes a chapter to each of the six traditions. Using his exceptional gifts of story-telling and eyebrow-raising insights, he provides us with historical, biblical, and contemporary examples of each rushing stream. He also offers definitional clarity and an honest appraisal of the major strengths and potential pitfalls of each. But perhaps most importantly, Richard Foster leaves the reader with the same desires experienced while reading Celebration of Discipline—a yearning to practice and experience.

We are glad you are joining us for this curriculum. You’ll observe Richard as he teaches about each of the tributaries and again as he converses with a key representative of each stream. So, if you are a person on a journey of spiritual transformation, we think you will be enriched by the curriculum and be encouraged to become even more balanced and holistic as you leave your comfort zone and wade into these six streams of living water.

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