Conversatio Divina

Living Word—Living World

Uncover the beauty of spirituality intertwined with nature. Join Jean Nevills as she explores the Living Word in the Living World, finding solace, wisdom, and divine companionship in everyday moments. Discover the power of hymns, harmony, and the consoling connections that deepen our spiritual journey. Then, dive into reflections and practices that nurture your soul.


Renovaré Book Club 2023-24

Registration is open for the 2023-24 season of the Renovaré Book Club. Join hundreds of fellow pilgrims on a reading journey through four soul-shaping Christ-centered titles by Chris Hall, C. S. Lewis, Lacy Finn Borgo, and Thomas Kelly.

The Club runs October-May. Membership includes weekly podcast guides, exclusive resources from the authors/facilitators, webinars, online discussions, and the option to join or start an in-person discussion group.

Register at – and use the code conversatio to get $5 off your membership.