Conversatio Divina

Life with God for Children and a New Trailer!

Encountering Christ in the Spiritual Exercises—Trailer

We are excited to offer this trailer from a filming project recently completed in Spain. The focus of the film was on the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the parallels between his life and the movement (the “weeks”) of the Spiritual Exercises. There is also a special group of lectures on the importance and content of the disposition week. The Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Research Center was proud to team up with the Jesuit Institute of South Africa in creating this content. For now, please enjoy the brief teaser. The full content will be made available fall of 2024.


A Guide to Life with God for Children

We invite you to enjoy part two of this five-part series designed to provide creative engagement with Lacy Finn Borgo’s curriculum, Life with God for Childrenwhich is also available to you as a free download at Each guide will offer suggestions on using this resource in a unique setting. We hope that by sharing these ideas, anyone involved in the spiritual development of children will gain a vision of the broad and rich opportunities that Life with God for Children offers for discipleship, soul care, and Biblical literacy.