Conversatio Divina

Incarnatio Series: Spiritual formation for a new generation

Every 12 weeks our Converatio newsletter will focus on a different aspect, theme, or interest area concerning authentic change and transformation. This week our attention is given to a new series called “Incarnatio,” the same name given to the on-campus spiritual formation activities of the Martin Institute. We’ll share ideas both from what we are doing, and as you’ll see below, point to other efforts we consider to be exemplary.

What is reality? What is a good life and who is well off? Who is a truly good person? How does one become a truly good person? These are timeless questions that each generation asks. Finding ways to draw the varied aspects of life into a coherent whole—becoming a truly good person—is one of the great tasks of adulthood. Emerging adults today are asking these same questions. They also face many challenges, some of which are unique to their generation. For example, a Barna report on Gen Z points out that, “the internet is at the core of Gen Z’s development, a uniquely powerful influence on their worldview, mental health, daily schedule, sleep patterns, relationships and more. Devices are almost constantly on their person and on their minds.”

The Martin Institute’s Incarnatio Center at Westmont College seeks to provide a context for young people to cultivate apprenticeship with Jesus.

This series seeks to offer 1) encouragement and resources for those working with young adults; 2) opportunities for young people to share their own perspectives and insights; and 3) creative resources, tools and practices designed for young people drawn from both the on-campus spiritual formation efforts at Westmont College, as well as contributions from other colleges and universities.

Feature for This Week

A spiritual formation class taught by Chris Hall more than a decade ago became campus-wide phenomena. Pull up a chair on the back row and experience the class.