Conversatio Divina

God Views

That our idea of God corresponds as nearly as possible to the true being of God is of immense importance to us. Compared with our actual thoughts about Him, our creedal statements are of little consequence. Our real idea of God may lie buried under the rubbish of conventional religious notions and may require an intelligent and vigorous search before it is finally unearthed and exposed for what it is. Only after an ordeal of painful self-probing are we likely to discover what we actually believe abut God.”

– A.W. Tozer

God Views is part of the Curriculum for Christlikeness series, featuring the performance and teaching of Curt Cloninger. Cloninger’s performance and teaching is based upon J. B. Phillips’ book, Your God Is Too Small. God Views challenges participants to explore their concepts of the nature of God, nurturing a helpful view of the one who loves us most.