Conversatio Divina

Everlasting Father and Hope for the Unseen

Everlasting Father

The third entry in a four-part advent series of reflections offered by the Martin Institute, “Everlasting Father” is written by the Director of the Martin Institute’s Incarnatio Center at Westmont College, Mariah Velasquez.


Hope for the Unseen: Praying the O Antiphons in Advent

The church has been singing the O Antiphons, short sentences that introduce a longer Psalm or song, for more than a thousand years. In this essay, Jamie Cain considers the history of these antiphons, in particular how they arise from messianic titles fulfilled in Jesus, before turning to the way these antiphons serve to cultivate a particular posture in a community of believers. Then, Cain offers up eight entries (December 17 – December 23) as prayers for advent.