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Developing a Growth Mindset

Developing a Growth Mindset: What I learned from an Older Mentor about Generativity

This week we call your attention to our growing number of essays and talks on Clinical Theology. Since Dallas Willard suggested that “All theology should be clinical theology,” we thought we should make this topic one of our recurring features.

Dr. Mike Ronsisvalle has written an article titled, “Developing a Growth Mindset: What I learned from an Older Mentor about Generativity.” You will read about what he learned about this topic from his older friend and mentor, Gary Collins.


Science and Our Knowledge of the Human Soul

In 1999 the theme for the annual Wheaton Theology Conference dealt with theology and health and pulled together doctors and mental health professionals. As a plenary speaker Dallas wanted to help these persons, many who were involved in research, get a handle on what science is (or should be) with regard to the human person.


Counseling and Psychotherapy

In keeping with our theme, you may also want to read an essay inspired by the topic of doing counseling and psychotherapy with a Willardian perspective written by Gary Moon.


Prayer Request for Chris Hall

Finally, as we think about the healing aspects of theology, please pray for our dear friend Chris Hall. Chris is in a hospital in Philadelphia because of a recent discovery of blood clots in his lungs. Chris is requesting that we pray that the blood clots will fully dissolve and not cause more strain on his heart. The doctors said his heart is strong and most people his age with these large clots would not be doing as well. But he’s not permitted to get out of bed. We are praying for a full recovery and many more years of fun for our friend.