Conversatio Divina

Destigmatizing Deconstruction

There are seasons in life which bring challenges so severe that our work, our sense of self, and our relationships with God and others become destabilized.

In our latest addition to Bittersweet—a series of articles, curated by Michael Di Fuccia, from souls who have walked this bitter path and have come through more alive than when they began—Sara Carrara Di Fuccia delves into her decade long story of deconstruction and journey back to reconstruction.

We invite you to read the article to its end where the author offers suggested practices and readings.


The Psychology of Redemption

This rare, important series from Dallas Willard in 1974 is on how sin came into the world and how sinful people change through the action of the Holy Spirit and a practice of the disciplines. In the middle, it focuses on Romans 5-8 and one can see that it is the raw material for Dallas’s book The Spirit of the Disciplines. But in its early form it is a Sunday school class for Woodlake Avenue Friends Church with his pastor, Richard Foster, in the audience.