Conversatio Divina

Deepening a Lenten Invitation

Some approach Lent as a deliberate imitation of Jesus’ journey to the cross, using devotionals or sacrifices to prepare for Easter. For others, like Kathi Gatlin, who didn’t grow up with these traditions, Lent doesn’t carry the same resonance. Yet, our journey in faith is marked by seeking God’s presence in every season. Kathi’s path to Easter was intertwined with her perception of God. Initially steeped in a narrative of unworthiness and sacrifice, she discovered a more compassionate God—one who embraces us in our humanity. This Lenten season invites us to confront our assumptions and embrace a deeper encounter with God, extending grace to ourselves and others along the way.


O, Lent. I dread the darkness...

Read the latest entry by spiritual director, Jean Nevills—a poem on Lent. Join her as she reflects on God’s omnipresence even in periods of darkness and absence.