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Dallas Willard is our homeboy, indeed.

Dallas Willard Ministries

This week, Conversatio would like to point your attention to two great resources: Dallas Willard Ministries (DWM) and Dallas Willard is My Homeboy. Read on to find out more and how you can benefit from each ministry.

Pictured above: Dallas Willard with Jan Johnson, DWM President

Dallas Willard Ministries (DWM) exists to continue to develop and promote the ideas, writings, and teachings that the Lord brought to the world through Dallas. The ministry’s focus is not on Dallas himself, but on the truth toward which he directed his “fellow pilgrims.” DWM has recently launched an adult discipleship school, The School of Kingdom Living. And their first YouVersion reading plan, Hearing God Through the Year, will be available later this month.

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Dallas Willard is My Homeboy

Dallas Willard is My Homeboy is a Facebook Group that was started by Ryan Harmon, a pastor in Nebraska. God used Dallas’ teaching to deepen Ryan’s understanding of what it means to be a disciple and how spiritual growth occurs. In May 2011, he created the group with the intent that other people who have been impacted by Dallas’ life and work might have a place to discuss those ideas with others of the same mind. At some point along the way, Dallas’ daughter, Becky, joined the group and became an Admin as well. The group remains a place where numerous conversations occur in a day with topics ranging from understanding Dallas’ thought to interactions about discipleship practices in a local church context. The group is open to all.

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