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Several months ago, I noticed that my wife started disappearing for about 15 minutes a day. Upon her return, she typically had a smile on her face and a look of peacefulness in her eyes.

When I asked her about this new rhythm to her day, she seemed delighted to tell me about a podcast she had found called Daily Orthodox Scriptures; it was by an Orthodox Priest named Fr. Alexis. She asked me to start listening with her.

I politely declined and reminded her that all of my past attempts to read or listen to the Bible in a year got bogged down in Leviticus. She told me this was different and included an intro where you were reminded of where the passage was also read during the church year, and an outro, that was a very brief, a minute or two, reflection by Fr. Alexis.

I still declined and reminded her that I was a “J” on the Myers Briggs and could never start such a project mid-year. So, on January 1, 2021 I started listening to the Daily Bread podcast with her. And I loved it.

With this week’s newsletter we are delighted to invite you into this journey. Yes, it’s not January 1, but we are starting today, March 15, which is the first day of Great Lent for the Orthodox Church, and continuing through the end of the year.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature on Converatio Divina.

–Gary Moon, Conversatio Divina

For additional resources or to find downloads for the passages each day, please visit Fr. Alexis Kouri’s Website, Daily Orthodox Scriptures or the Ancient Faith Website.

Daily Reading

How Did the Church Get Two Easters?

And as an added bonus, we asked Jamie Cain, who is creating our Telling Time in Church series this year, to create an article explaining why Western and Easter Christianity celebrate Easter on different dates most years.