Conversatio Divina

Conversations Journal Volume 1:1, A Form for Authentic Transformation

In this inaugural issue of Conversations Journal, published in 2003, founding editors Gary Moon, David Benner, and Larry Crabb invite readers into honest dialogue about living life in the Kingdom of God. Their vulnerable and authentic talks inspired the journal’s name, Conversations, and paved the way for fifteen years’ worth of content on becoming like Christ.

What was unique about the journal was the variety of Christian traditions represented among the writers, editors, and readers. As David G. Benner put it in this first issue, Expecting everyone to meet God in the same way fails to take account of the infinite creativity of God in encountering us where we are, and in ways that will help us hear the still, small voice within.” The editors aimed to have a seat at the table” for everyone, and curated articles and interviews which gave readers a variety of ways to experience God, and learn from those in traditions other than their own.

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A Guide to Spiritual Transformation

Take a deeper look at a featured article from Conversations Journal, Volume 1.1—Spiritual Transformation: The Vision of Isaiah and the Experience of the Desert. Once you’ve read the article, we have provided questions and practices for those who want to experience a “class” with the words of the writer.

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