Conversatio Divina

Conversations 9.2—The Problem of Pain

This month, we’ll be studying the topic of “The Problem of Pain,” with a rerelease of the Fall 2011 issue on that subject. This journal will have a permanent home here at Conversatio, with a companion course that allows readers to take the topic a bit deeper, and journey into your own thoughts on the topic.

The editors invited voices from a variety of Christian traditions to share about pain and theodicy. Because pain is deeply particular, the essays you’ll read in this issue are personal and vulnerable. They all share about an individual’s response to the problem of pain, and they all weave the theological thread of God’s response, involvement, or presence to their pain as well.

The companion course for this issue is Jan Johnson’s article, “A God Who Weeps.” Visit the classroom to access the article and summary written by Joannah Sadler.

Conversations 9.2