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Conversation Journal 8:1—How We Change

A few months ago, Conversatio Divina began a project to revive some helpful spiritual formation content you might remember. But if you’re new to us, we’d like to introduce you to Conversations Journal. Originally published by Richmont Graduate University and founded by editors Gary W. Moon, David G. Benner and Larry Crabb in 2003, Conversations was published semi-annually covering themes of spiritual formation.

We are going to reach into the archives and bring an old issue of Conversations back to life. We’ll attempt to do so every couple of months until all 28 issues live on We’ll highlight a few of the articles that appear in a particular issue, and zero in on one featured article and provide questions and suggest practices for individuals or groups who want to experience a “class” with the words of the writer.

Join us as we revisit this issue on transformation.

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A Guide to How We Change

This current course is built around Conversations Journal Issue 8.1: How We Change. In the defining article of the issue, Gary Moon interviewed Dallas Willard to discuss transformation, in Getting the Elephant Out of the Sanctuary: Atonement and Transformation. The two took a deeper look at three theories of atonement, and also discussed the practices and rhythms Dallas lived by to be more like Jesus. We’ve excerpted this article below, and provided a few exercises for you to engage in your journey to be more like him (Jesus, not Dallas!)

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