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Conversation Journal 5.1

Conversation Journal 5.1: Spiritual Direction

We want to call your attention to roughly twenty articles and essays that are on the Conversatio website. Issue 5.1 of the Conversations Journal is now available; and it was built around the theme: “The Practice of Spiritual Direction.”

David Benner writes: “A good spiritual director is uniquely able, therefore, to help us get in touch with our deepest passions and longings. She or he should also help us understand both the distortions of these passions and the things that block us from expressing them…”

Take a look to continue reading from David’s article and see other reflections from authors such as: Juliet Benner, Janet K. Ruffing, Larry Crabb, Richard J. Foster, Jan Johnson, Marie Loewen, Stephen A. Macchia, Anne Grizzle, Tom Ashbrook, Adele A. Calhoun. Etc.

And don’t forget to step into Joannah Sadler’s classroom, which features the article by Marie Loewen, “A Place Along the Way.”

Conversations 5.1

A Day Retreat for Burnout

If you are a pastor or know a pastor who has been experiencing overwhelming circumstances these past few years, you may want to be aware of a retreat day offered by Trevor Hudson. The theme is: “Encountering God in the Midst of our Overwhelming,” and it will be offered on September 23 in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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