Conversatio Divina

Clinical Theology Focus

In this week’s newsletter we turn our attention to Conversatio’s theme of Clinical Theology. As you may recall, Dallas Willard made the statement at a conference on clinical theology, “All theology should be clinical theology.”

Specifically, the two essays focus on a very powerful healing strategy that is pretty unique to Christianity, forgiveness.

In the first piece, Ross Tatum a child/adolescent and general psychiatrist in Fort Worth, Texas, writes about his reflections on forgiveness and provides help for those who wish to find the freedom to engage with love.


Forgiving God

The second essay is written by Gary W. Moon and critiques three common theodicies (Augustinian, Irenaean, and “Kushnerian”) as cognitive strategies for reconnecting with God after the experience of a traumatic event. It was originally published in Marriage and Family: A Christian Journal.