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Christian Formation Workshop in its Entirety

Christian Formation Workshop in its Entirety

Over the past several weeks, we’ve released select videos from the inaugural Martin Institute Christian Formation Workshop. We’re happy to announce that all 10 sessions, along with opening and closing comments from the three-day event, are now available to you. Most sessions include the original full paper presentations, and all include session recordings, summaries, key quotes, and application questions.

Our theme was “A Crisis Among Us: The Problem of Christian Immaturity.” Over three days a cadre of biblical scholars, theologians, psychologists, philosophers, sociologists, and historians addressed three focal questions:

  • What degree of spiritual and moral maturity is expected of Christian persons and what is the value of such maturity?
  • What evidence do we have that Christians are failing to mature in ways that are reasonable to expect given the claims of Christianity?
  • To the degree that Christians struggle to mature, what are the main barriers to maturity, and what might be done to help Christians overcome these barriers?

The goal of the workshop was to gather, integrate, and refine multidisciplinary scholarship related to these questions and then bring this emerging scholarship into dialogue with pastors, ministry leaders, and spiritual formation practitioners from various churches and parachurch organizations. Our partner organizations included Renovaré, Vantagepoint3, Center for Christianity and Public Life, Dallas Willard Ministries, Leadership Transformations Inc., and the Christian Alliance for Orphans.