Conversatio Divina

Children of Light

Dallas Willard on Becoming Children of Light

Dallas Willard’s Fourth “Critical Concern” was very gutsy. He believed that the pathway of authentic Christian spiritual formation leads to real and measurable change across all of the aspects of our personhood. He believed that it is actually possible to become “Children of Light.”

This week we highlight five offerings on Conversatio Divina in which Dallas is specifically addressing this journey into “the Light.”

The first offering is a talk titled “Living with Your Body full of Light.” You will hear him say that in scripture “Light” is often synonymous with “truth,” “love” and “power.” And, that Children of Light are known for their “transparency,” “radiance” and “vision.”


If this talk inspires you, here are four more suggestions:

Children of Light and Light of the World
From the small group study series based on Renovation of the Heart.

Becoming Children of Light
One entry of a 20-part experience “Practicing the Presence of God”

Being the Light of the World
Taken from a series of talks Dallas gave on his fourth trip to South Africa (2000). Beginning with the nature of light and darkness in humanity, he speaks on many themes of transformation and spiritual life.

Via Lucis Meditation Series
Via Lucis, or the “Way of Light” is one or our video meditation series. This one is built around the fourteen Resurrection appearances of Jesus.