Conversatio Divina

At the Crossroads of Racial Injustice and Pandemic

The Practice of Service

The emergence of COVID-19 has caused worry and anxiety to fall upon much of the globe. For most people, the world does not feel safe. And the current outrage and pain in American streets over the murder of George Floyd reminds us of the ever-present original sin of our nation, the sickness of racial bigotry.

The world is most certainly not safe.

If the world is not safe, then what are we to make of St. Paul’s statement that he is “content in any and every situation” or of Willard’s that the world “is a perfectly safe place to be?”

Read the complete article by Brandon Paradise, Associate Professor at Rutgers Law School, and a fellow of the Martin Institute’s Cultural Initiative.

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Pandemic Crossroad

In this article, Jean Nevills invites us to listen to the local and global conversations that have amplified to a unavoidable pitch. She also calls us to listen to the stirrings within ourselves as we ponder the next right step forward.

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