Conversatio Divina


Conversatio Divina was established to offer existing, and create new, resources derived from the teachings of Dallas Willard, Ignatius of Loyola, and Ancient Christianity. The website is for both “pilgrims” and “guides”; that is for those doing personal exploration of the spiritual formation landscape as well as those who are walking with others.

Periodically, we will bring to the attention of others those who have developed systematic and experiential teaching programs in the area of spiritual transformation. You may recall the description of “The Foundry”, which was designed by Jim Wright, Heather Keaney, and Helen Rhee.

In this week’s newsletter we invite you to listen in on a conversation between Conversatio and James and Erin Henderson. James and Erin, with help and consultation from Daniel Napier, have implemented another such “exemplar” program called Ashrei.