Conversatio Divina

Another Kind of Life

This week Conversatio Divina is excited to present a series of videos and a study guide (put together by Trevor Hudson and Gary Moon) based on the soon-to-be released book by Trevor Hudson, SEEKING GOD: Finding Another Kind of Life with Ignatius of Loyola and Dallas Willard. (To be published by NavPress in 2022Each is a guide the author knows well.

In Trevor’s words, “Contemplating God’s love like I did when I experienced The Spiritual Exercises, helped me to re-imagine our world differently. If you asked me to describe this difference, I would put it like this: my eyes were opened to see that God could be sought and found everywhere.

The learning experiences offered here are designed to help pilgrims grow closer to God as they rediscover Jesus’ greatest offer—an invitation to live another kind of life. The sessions will show what it means to become a seeker of a life marked by an intimate and transforming friendship with the Trinity.

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