Conversatio Divina

Part 2 of 4

Introduction: Discussion Questions

Gregory Spencer

  1. As you consider the themes of this chapter, do you have a reframing story of your own? When did you:
    a) have a way of framing a situation (“my parents abandoned me”), then:
    b) experience a challenge to this frame (the gospel of forgiveness), which moved you to:
    c) a reframing (“my parents are wounded people who need healing—like me”). How did you work your way through it?
  2. Explore what it means that “we frame our story . . . and then our story frames us.”
  3. What are examples of words you use that help “construct” your “home” and the “windows” for seeing the world?
  4. Faith-work is often frame-work. What does this mean? How has this been true in your spiritual journey?
  5. How does the poem “The Beginning of the Road of Ice” tell a reframing story? Discuss the word “home” in relation to the chapter.