Conversatio Divina

Brandon Rickabaugh & J. P. Moreland April 18, 2024

The Reality of the Soul

In 1985 “Madonna” released her hit song “Material Girl” declaring that “we are living in a material world.” The lyrics pinpoint a cultural moment when materialism had become the prevailing philosophy of our time. Embodied in our habit of consumption, materialism declared that we are no more than our physical makeup and that the world is just bundles of stuff to be used at our discretion.

There are reasons for concern. I once heard a line that sums up this concern rather crudely: “materialism can’t tell us why it is ok that we cut the grass, but not our children.” This is because it cannot account for the dignity of a human being, a dignity found most resplendent in the vivacity of the human soul.

Martin Institute Cultura Fellow Brandon Rickabaugh and J.P Moreland’s, The Substance of Consciousness, offers a thoughtful and articulate challenge to any reductive worldview while making a strong case for the reality of the soul.

Please enjoy a brief summary of the book along with the opening chapter.