Conversatio Divina

Dallas Willard & John Ortberg February 21, 2013

Living in Christ’s Presence: Final Words on Heaven and the Kingdom of God

This 7-part series was filmed at a conference held February 21 to 23, 2013 in Santa Barbara, California. It was the last conference in which Dallas would take part. The conference was born through conversations with Dallas and John Ortberg. The primary passion was to provide an overview of Dallas’s writings and ministry, his most impassioned ideas. The conference was built around the theme “Knowing Christ Today” and as a way to present the golden thread that runs through all of Dallas Willard’s primary Christian writing, that it is possible to intimately know the Trinity and step into their glorious kingdom. We present to you the sessions in full, editing out only material dealing directly with the conference setting such as instructions to refer to the conference brochure. At points you may notice these edited transitions.

Dallas is joined by his longtime friend, John Ortberg. John is a gifted author and speaker, and—at the time—senior pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. Each session ends with a conversation about the content.

The conference was sponsored by the Martin Institute for Christianity and Culture and Dallas Willard Center for Christian Formation (MIDWC). The MIDWC exists because of the vision and generosity of Eff and Patty Martin.

Shortly after the filming of this series, Gary Moon wrote a discussion guide which we’ve made available here at no cost. The guide is also available at and in the book Living in Christ’s Presence (available from InterVarsity Press).

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