Conversatio Divina

Part 6 of 20

A Practice for Freedom and Forgiveness

Jean Nevills

Rooted in the peace of God’s loving presence, this practice can support your movement towards freedom from resentment, guilt or shame, and can aid you in your freedom for extending forgiveness to others. It can be read straight through in about 3 minutes, and prayed through more slowly according to your needs and God’s invitations. It follows 7 brief movements that include pauses for silences.

01.  Center Yourself in God’s Presence

“God likes you. God rejoices over His people and see, that benediction is a prayer for that happy face to be shining over your life.”  

[Dallas Willard Lecture, +/-32:14 Practicing the Presence Summary]

In every circumstance I want to practice an awareness of God’s blessing and shining face. I intentionally bring to my mind that God does indeed bless and keep all of us. I turn my mind and imagination to look into God’s kind face to receive the gift of peace.

Pause in silence.

02.  Prayer of Awareness and Focus

Blessed are those who forgive, for they are free.From John Phillip Newell’s Praying with the Earth, Thursday, Eerdmans; 1st edition, June 14, 2011.

We wake
to the forgiveness of a new day.
We wake
to the freedom to begin again.
We wake
to the mercy of the sun’s redeeming light,
always new
always gift
always blessing.
We wake
to the forgiveness of this new day.

Pause in silence.

03.  Guidance Into the Gift of Freedom

This new day is God’s gift of forgiveness, the invitation to begin again fresh every morning. As I hold the intention to keep this forgiving-forgiven-forgiveness before me, I recognize the gift that is offered: freedom.  As each morning is a renewal of our forgiveness, so each moment may be also.

Pause in silence.

04.  A Prayerful Litany of Forgiving

I forgive …. (self)

I forgive … (another)

I forgive… (event or circumstance)

I forgive….

Pause in silence.

05.  Final Petition

Christ, in your mercy
help us
to forgive the unforgiveness
to forgive the accusation
to forgive the presumption
to forgive thoughtlessness
to forgive egoic armament.
Help us all
to receive forgiveness
to receive pardon
to receive mercy
to receive good will
to receive Love.

Pause in silence.

06.  Blessing

O Love, may I be blessed to know You in the free-ness that You are as I practice and receive the balm of forgiving. Amen.

07.  Benediction

Having forgiven and received, we move a little free-er along the guardrails of courtesy and kindness.


Jean Nevills 2019