Thick Christianity

Breakout Sessions: Experiencing Life with God Conference

Dallas Willard’s “The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge”

Experiencing Life with God Conference

A Conversation on Pain and Suffering 1

A Conversation on Pain and Suffering 2

A Conversation on Pain and Suffering 3

A Conversation on Pain and Suffering 4

Realism Sustained?

Ontology of Knowledge: Lyotard 2

Ontology of Knowledge: Lyotard 1

Ontology of Knowledge: Putnam 3

Ontology of Knowledge: Putnam 2

Ontology of Knowledge: Putnam 1

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 5

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 4

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 3

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 2

Ontology of Knowledge: Haack 1

Ontology of Knowledge: Willard 4

Ontology of Knowledge: Willard 3

Ontology of Knowledge: Willard 2

Ontology of Knowledge: Willard 1

Truth in the Fire


Jesus the Logician

Comments on Papers by Nelson, Slife, Reber, and Richardson

Being a Christian in a Pluralistic Society

The Biblical Understanding of the Reality of God

On the Disappearance of Moral Knowledge: How it Happened and What it Means

Liberation Through Sensuality

Foreword to Christianity in the Academy

What is Skepticism Good For?

Our Status of our Relationship to the Kingdom of God: Knowledge or Faith?

What Your U Won’t Teach U, But U R Apt to Catch Anyway

The Value of Truth, and What Happens When U Don’t Have It

The Nature and Necessity of Worldviews

Moral Goodness and the Degredation of Morality by Desire and Human Supremacy: What Happened to Moral Theory in the 20th Century

Reason in Human Life and Religion. How Education Fails. The Redemption of Reason

Understanding the Opposition to Knowledge of Christ in Today’s World

Knowledge of God Today: How it is Possible

Session 2 – Part 3 [Fragment]

Session 2 – Part 1

Session 1 – Q & A

Session 1 – Part 3

Session 1 – Part 2

Session 1 – Part 1

Why Science and Religion Must Conflict

Nietzsche vs. Jesus Christ: Who Holds the True Path?

What Does It Mean to be Human?