Dallas Willard Part 16 of 16

Though it’s unstated, Dallas is discussing with the class Allaire’s work on Bare Particulars. As preparation, students have read a few articles from M. J. Loux Universals and Particulars. The question at hand is what individuates things. Or what has the parts and properties. Is there such a thing called a particular?

All of the discussion of relations and different spaces has to do with that argument, that in order to notice a relation between something (A is next to B) you must first notice the terms (A, B). At around 47:30 Dallas switches to another argument for particulars, which appears to be his own. He reads from a paper which again appears to be his own.

The last 14 minutes are about a new topic which is signaled by Dallas talking about time and change. This is when talk of particulars switches to talk of substances. He drops a new concept into the class: potentiality.

Students are given a handout on dispositions (not currently available digitally) to read for the next time.


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