Meditation Guide

The Martin Institute Part 1 of 25

First: From the menu of themes presented, select that group of videos you would like to experience. The first video in that series will appear.

Second: Before you push play, select the type of music you would like playing in the background and then push that play button first and listen for the music to begin.

Third: Push play for the video—this is all you have to do. Words will begin to appear on the screen and you are invited to read them slowly and meditatively. Some times you’ll be asked to slowly breathe the words in and out.

Fourth: Keep watching until the end—most of the meditations last from 8 to 10 minutes.  You will know when the medication ends when you see a section titled “Taking it With You.” That is where you’ll be left with an idea for taking the key idea from the devotion into the rest of your day.

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