Daily Scripture Readings

During each day of the week spend some time reading and reflecting on the following passages of scripture. These verses are referenced by Dallas Willard in various talks about learning to spend a day with Jesus as a rhythm of life. Allow your thoughts to return to the passage throughout the day. The Martin Institute Part 4 of 12

DAY               THEME                                                                      PASSAGE

MON              The Role of Desire and Determination                 Genesis 28:11-21

TUES             Others Notice the Difference                                Genesis 39:3

WED              The Role of Seeking                                                2 Chronicles 15:2

THUR             Take Delight in the Lord                                         Psalm 37

FRI                  A Forever Promise of Presence                            Mathew 28:20

SAT                 Another Advocate                                                   John 14:16-17

SUN                Freedom from Greed and Fear                             Hebrews 13:5-6

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