A Guide to How We Change


Conversations—How We Change

Getting My Bible Back: Reclaiming the Living Word

Rehearing the Bible: The Story It Tells Forms the Soul

Can Change Really Happen?

Join the Conversation

“How We Change” Conversations: A Forum for Authentic Transformation

Front Page: The Elephant in the Sanctuary

Conformed to His Image

Chapter 2: Relational Spirituality: Loving Ourselves Correctly

Chapter 1: Relational Spirituality: Loving God Completely

Pursuing Social Justice from Within

Breakout Sessions: Experiencing Life with God Conference

Listening for Change

Immortal Horrors or Everlasting Splendors

Conversations—Gifts from the Monastery: Silence and Solitude

The Living Sacrament

In Appreciation of the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani

Conversation Guide

Living a Little Rule of Life: Pilgrimage to a Motherhouse

Living “With-God”: Eternal Living Now

The Divine Conspiracy

Living Without Anger

Jesus’ Good News of God’s Kingdom

Spirituality and the Gospel of Christ – Part I

Introduction to Spirituality

Introduction: Practicing the Presence of God


Steps Toward Soul Rest in Eternal Living

Eternal Living for Faculty in Higher Education

The Life That Is in the Trinity and How We Share in That Life

Handout: Life Without Lack

Spirituality: Going Beyond the Limits

Handout: Jesus’ Good News of God’s Kingdom

Personal Soul Care

Living in the Vision of the God

Looking Like Jesus

Q & A with Emilie Griffin and Richard Foster

Q & A with Donn Thomas and Richard Foster

The Virtuous Life: The Substance of Holiness

The Role of Faith in Prayer

The Gospel of the Kingdom

What Does Jesus Have to Do with Us Now

Who Are You and Why Are You Here

Spiritual Formation and Stages of Life: Implications for Educational Ministry

Human Effort, Human Character and Divine Grace: Why Grace Requires Effort 3

The Elder

The Progress of the Disciple