Taking A Road Trip with James K. A. Smith and St. Augustine

Discussion with Augustinian Scholars

On the Road with Saint Augustine: A Real-World Spirituality for Restless Hearts

Intro to the Class

Introduction: Discussion Questions

Reframing the Soul: How Words Transform our Faith

Chapter One: Discussion Questions

Chapter One: Every Word Is a Window

Introduction: Fifteen Years Down the Hatch

Jesus the Logician

Blind Science vs. Blind Faith

Foreword to Christianity in the Academy

What is Skepticism Good For?

Dialogue with Dallas Willard

Transformed by the Renewing of the Mind

Q & A 2

Faculty Q & A

The Disciple in the World of Knowledge

Christian Teaching Banished from Knowledge

Spirituality and Christian Spiritual Formation

Theology and Worldview in the Research Project

Faith Without Knowledge – Part 2

Faith Without Knowledge: Why Christians Court Disaster when Belief is not Intelligent

Worship as the Fine Texture of Real Life

What Truth Is and Why It Is So Important

Graduating “Good” People

Character & Curriculum

What Do We Do Now?

What Went Wrong in the Universities?

Temptation, the Cross, the Trinity, Knowledge and the University

Moral Education in the Academy: Optional or Necessary?

Why Moral Education Has Become Impossible Today and the Call to Discipleship to Christ

The Life of the Mind and Eternal Life

The Nature and Necessity of Worldviews

Reason in Human Life and Religion. How Education Fails. The Redemption of Reason

How People Perish for Lack of Knowledge

Session 2 – Part 3 [Fragment]

Session 2 – Part 1

Session 1 – Q & A

Session 1 – Part 3

Session 1 – Part 2

Session 1 – Part 1

Why Science and Religion Must Conflict

Nietzsche vs. Jesus Christ: Who Holds the True Path?

The Genius of Jesus: The University and the Question of God

Jesus: The Master of Art and Intellect

Renewing the Mind Through Intellect and Worship

The Disapperance of Moral Knowledge in the Modern University – And What We Can Do About It


Q & A